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Reality is a social construct. Today we have two divergent, almost contradictory realities in America, and the country is roughly evenly split between them.

This is because we tend to get trapped in a filter bubble where we simply don't see the news that the other half is focused on. We consume our news only from partisan outlets that echo and re-affirm our worldview.

The result is that each half of the population believes that the other half is crazy/stupid/intolerant. This is unhealthy, even dangerous.

This site is an attempt to intermingle daily news stories from both sides of the aisle so you can see what the other half of the country is seeing.

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Today's Headlines

Jim Florio, New Jersey congressman and governor, dies at 85

He signed one of the strongest gun-control laws in the country but lost his bid for reelection as governor over a massive increase in taxes.

Is Hitting Democrats on Crime Racist?

Democrats want silence on the issue of crime.

The Honey Badger Don’t Care—But I Do

The scrappy little mammal is so much more than an internet meme or a political mascot.

House Jan. 6 Panel Faces Key Decisions as It Wraps Up Work

The committee investigating what led to the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol will hold its first hearing since July on Wednesday, entering the final stage of its inquiry.

No House Freedom Caucus Challenger Expected to Go Against McCarthy for Speaker

The House Freedom Caucus, the group that derailed Rep. Kevin McCarthy's bid to be speaker in 2015, isn't backing any single challenger this time around, Politico is reporting.

Today in Capital Matters: Scottish Enlightenment

Erik Matson writes about economics and theology over on Capital Matters today.

Is There Any Way Out of the Student-Loan Fiasco?

Government lending for college is one of the greatest blunders the United States has ever made.

David Malpass's Climate-Change Lesson for GOP Candidates

The World Bank president demonstrates how not to deflect gotcha questions.

A Nation of Quitters

A new class, the Cyber Bohemians, avoid work while living off their affluent parents.

Spinning the Tavistock Story

Activists are twisting the closure of Tavistock as a win for gender ideology.

Next stress for many parents: First school lunch bills since 2020

Though East Hampton is a solidly middle-class town in Connecticut, dozens of families are applying for free school meals for the first time as they contend with high food costs and tight budgets.

Split ticket: Philadelphia’s police union endorses Oz in PA Senate race, Shapiro for governor

Philadelphia's story: Worse than waah-waah at the Wawa

The First Lawsuit Is Filed against Joe Biden’s Illegal Student-Loan Move

If the court accepts that this constitutes a legitimate injury, the rest is likely to follow.

Sea Change

I tend to believe that rock and pop albums can imprint themselves in a peculiarly strong way on listeners who are roughly between the ages of 12-24.

How to qualify for Biden's new student loan forgiveness plan

President Joe Biden on Wednesday announced his plan to address student loan debt, which includes debt forgiveness for certain borrowers and extending the pandemic-related payment pause.

Lawmakers Propose Measure to Avert Government Shutdown This Week

The package would also provide major new aid to Ukraine, but its fate in an initial Senate vote on Tuesday is uncertain.

Sen. Ossoff details probe into nearly 1,000 uncounted DOJ prison deaths in 2021

Democrat Sen. Jon Ossoff of Georgia spoke with Fox News Digital in an exclusive interview about his bipartisan Senate probe into prison deaths under the DOJ's watch.

Getting Fletch Wrong

Jon Hamm’s portrayal is an improvement on Chevy Chase’s goofball routine, but still bears little relation to the amoral cad in Gregory McDonald’s novels.

China in the Age of Surveillance

China’s security apparatus may not be able to see into the minds of the people, but it can make their lives a misery in the attempt.

DOJ declares seized Mar-a-Lago materials list full and accurate despite Trump's claims of planted evidence

The Justice Department submitted, as part of the special master review of the Mar-a-Lago search, a slightly revised inventory of the materials seized in the search, along with an FBI affidavit indicating that the new inventory fully reflects what …

Arizona's School Choice Election

Democrat Katie Hobbs takes the union line against parental choice.

Politics of the Day

Politics of the Day

How Not to Beat Trump

Too many want to pronounce him unfit, but it’s Republican voters who’ll decide.

Democrats continue to make abortion campaign issue, but most still won't say if they support any restrictions

Most Democrats running in tight midterm races refused to say if they support any restrictions on abortion

First man standing: Lawsuit takes aim at Biden's unconstitutional Academia bailout

Facebook parent dismantles China-based network targeting American users

The network was unusual because it attempted to influence U.S. users about American topics, a Meta official said.

China and Biden Oust a Reformer

Treasury joins in toppling a regional bank head who stood up to Beijing.

Sedition Trial of Oath Keepers to Get Underway

Jury selection begins on Tuesday in the case of Stewart Rhodes, the leader of the far-right militia group, and four other members charged with seditious conspiracy in the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.

Italy’s Hard-Right Lurch Raises New Concerns in Washington

The Biden administration pledged to work with the country’s new leaders despite worries. Several Republicans hailed the Italian election results.

Has Trumpism Run Out of Steam?

Paul LePage, who pioneered the tactics that propelled Trump into office, is running again for governor of Maine. Only this time, he’s quietly backing away from the former president.

Recession red alert: Durable goods orders drop for second straight month -- unadjusted for inflation

Pennsylvania showdowns: Fetterman topping Oz, Shapiro leading Mastriano, in new poll

With 6 weeks to go until Election Day, a new poll in the key battleground of Pennsylvania indicates Democratic Lt. Gov. John Fetterman ahead of GOP nominee Mehmet Oz in the Senate race

Re: Why Do People Move to Hot Places?

It’s so light outside.

Trump White House Called Capitol Rioter on Jan. 6, Book Says

Denver Riggleman, a former staff member of the House committee investigating the assault on the Capitol, said the call came from a White House landline.

The People-Hunters

Notes on Ukraine, under assault by the Kremlin.

The Cost of Biden's Student Loan Write-off: $420 Billion

Congress’s official budget scorekeeper finally offers an estimate of the cost of forgiveness.

Matt Gaetz to Newsmax: Media Lawsuits Being Floated After DOJ Vindication

Rep. Matt Gaetz said he's "taking counsel" of possible media lawsuits during a Monday appearance on Newsmax, the latest in the Florida Republican's ongoing accusations battle.

Academics are becoming trashy

Schumer Keeps Permitting Reform Promise to Manchin

Senate Democrats on Monday night released a short-term government funding bill that includes Sen. Joe Manchin's controversial permitting reform.

Rep. Norman to Newsmax: Italy's PM Election a Reflection of What's to Come

South Carolina Republican Rep. Ralph Norman says the election of Italy's new prime minister, Giorgia Meloni, is a reflection of what's to come in the United States.

The Axe Files with David Axelrod

Go beyond the soundbites and get to know some of the most interesting players in politics.

"Cannot rule out sabotage": Both Nord Stream pipelines suffer mysterious leaks

The Atlantic: Did a famous doctor's COVID shot make his cancer worse?

The false claim that Senate Republicans ‘plan to end Social Security and Medicare’

It’s the final weeks of the election campaign, and Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) is relying on an old trope — a nonexistent GOP plan to eliminate popular old-age programs.

In a Time of Crisis, Public Discourse Has Descended Into Nonsense

Our leaders of both parties now seem free to utter things completely at odds with reality and logic.

WashPost Poll: More Than 7 in 10 Americans Say Biden Economy's in Bad Shape

President Joe Biden has had difficulty getting traction with American voters on the economy, just six weeks before the midterm elections (Nov. 8).

Canada Called Itself a Genocide State. Iran Was Listening

In his propaganda about supposed child graves, Raisi is merely reading our own misinformation back to us.

Podcast #198: Kushal Mehra on the Explosive Growth of YouTube in India

Quillette podcast host Jonathan Kay speaks with Indian podcaster and YouTuber Kushal Mehra about the raucous, angry, informative, and often hilarious world of Indian YouTube.Helpful links for episode listeners

We Don’t Live in an Era of Technological Stagnation, Cont.

The notion that we live in an era of technological stagnation is shown to be absurdly false nearly every day.

Walker charges Warnock’s ‘demonized’ the police; emphasizes his independence from Trump

Republican Senate nominee Herschel Walker targets Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock of Georgia over crime, spotlights his independence from Donald Trump, in Fox News Digital interview

Liz Truss's Big Gamble on the U.K. Economy

Johnson got Brexit done. She faces the much harder task of making it work.

Biden’s Support for Iran Protesters Comes After Bitter Lessons of 2009

President Biden has quickly backed demonstrators in Iran. When the country faced similar unrest 13 years ago, U.S. officials feared such a strong approach would be counterproductive.

Sen. Hawley to introduce bill empowering states to deport illegal immigrants

Sen. Josh Hawley is introducing legislation to allow states to enforce federal immigration law -- including allowing them to deport illegal immigrants.

Our Glorious Unhead of State

The idea of an Australian republic is attractive to some, but there's a strong case for a humble head of state.

Biden student loan handout to cost more than $400 billion: CBO

The Congressional Budget Office said in a Monday letter that President Biden's student loan handout will cost American taxpayers more than $400 billion.

Fetterman-vs.-Oz Campaign Turns to a Focus on Criminal Justice

As Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor, John Fetterman has pushed for second chances for certain convicts. But crime has become a focal point for Republicans nationwide in the 2022 elections.

Post Politics Now: Congress returns with a Friday shutdown deadline looming

At the White House, President Biden plans to deliver remarks Tuesday focused on “lowering health care costs and protecting and strengthening Medicare and Social Security."

What is the FACE Act at the center of Pennsylvania pro-life activist assault case?

The FACE Act of 1994 makes it a federal crime to "injure, intimidate, or interfere" with someone seeking help from an abortion clinic or pro-life pregnancy center.

Biden to reveal plan for reducing obesity, ending hunger by 2030

The first White House conference on hunger in over 50 years will tackle what the administration calls the country’s “urgent, nutrition-related health crisis.”

Battle for Senate: New Hampshire’s Hassan spotlights her push for ‘increased funding for police’

Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan showcases her support for law enforcement and border security in a new ad as she runs for re-election in battleground New Hampshire.

How to watch the Jan. 6 committee hearing and what to look for

The House Jan. 6 committee's last scheduled public hearing will be on Wednesday. Here's what to expect.

U.S. Suit Over Alliance of American Airlines and JetBlue Goes to Trial

The Justice Department antitrust case contends that the carriers’ cooperation in Boston and New York reduces competition.

NY Post: Mayor Adams falsely blames Abbott for all migrants arriving in NYC, 1 in 5 are sent by governor

Republicans sound alarm over Chinese government-linked farmland purchase near North Dakota air base

Rep. Carlos Gimenez led a group of 50 of his GOP colleagues in a letter to three Biden administration Cabinet secretaries about a Chinese company buying land near an Air Force base.

White House Student Loan Forgiveness Could Cost About $400 Billion

The estimate by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office gauged the cost over 30 years, though the bulk of the effects to the economy would be felt over the next decade.

How Kevin McCarthy’s political machine worked to sway the GOP field

Allies spent millions in a sometimes secretive effort to weed out candidates who could cause the House leader trouble or jeopardize GOP victories in November.

Rep. Tenney to Newsmax: GOP-Led House Will Reveal Immigration Costs

Republicans, if elected to retake the House in the November midterm elections, will "provide oversight and let the American people know exactly how many hundreds of billions of dollars" the surge of immigrants is costing them since President Joe B…

Why This Election Is So Weird

Instead of offering voters contrasting solutions to the same problems, the two parties are highlighting entirely different issues.

Missouri senator sends letter to Garland demanding answers on Houck pro-life arrest

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., is demanding answers from Attorney General Merrick Garland on the FBI arrest last week of a pro-life Catholic activist in Pennsylvania.

Quillette Weekly

China's surveillance state, Ken Burns's new documentary, and a tour of Indian YouTube.

The U.S. and the Holocaust—A Review

Ken Burns’s new six-hour documentary is a work of extraordinary synoptic power and intelligence.

Why teachers seem more willing to go on strike

Teachers are on strike in Columbus, Ohio, demanding functioning air conditioning.

CNN Political Briefing

The political news you need to know, in 10 minutes or less. Hosted by David Chalian.

NASA just smashed a satellite into an asteroid for planetary defense

Margins of Error

Look closely at almost anything and you'll find data—lots of it. But what are those numbers really saying about who we are and what we believe? Harry Enten is on a mission to find out.

4 charts that show the GOP’s 2022 popularity gap

For months, concerns have been raised about under-performing, Trump-aligned candidates in key races. A bevy of new polling bears out those concerns.

What Does the Philadelphia D.A. Do Now?

Depending on whom you ask, Larry Krasner is either embattled or thriving.

Trump Returns to Rally Team MAGA

At the former president’s first rally since the FBI search at Mar-a-Lago, the mood among his supporters veered from desperation to defiance.

Manchin's Permitting Bill Has a Poison Pill

The Senator would let the feds socialize the cost of renewable energy on states.

Why Do People Move to Hot Places?

Perhaps it’s because these places have much to recommend them.

Who Will Rid Me of This Meddlesome Pipeline?

Three sudden and unexplained leaks in two Russian gas pipelines under the Baltic Sea? What a shame!

Biden’s Cancellation of Billions in Debt Won’t Solve the Larger Problem

Belatedly canceling some debt is what a country does when it refuses to support students up front.

Trump Attorney Habba to Newsmax: Republicans Should 'Clean Up' FBI, DOJ After Midterms

Lawyer Alina Habba told Newsmax that the first thing Republicans should do if they take back Congress in November is "clean up" the FBI and Justice Department of politicization.

What the Student-Loan Debate Overlooks

President Biden’s loan-forgiveness plan offers younger Americans the same benefits that Boomers have been afforded all along.

Roger Stone wants to have his tough-guy bluster and deny it, too

Donald Trump's longtime adviser claimed that documentary video footage showing him endorsing violence was a "deep fake."

The Alternative to Britain's Trussonomics

The U.K. is developing a genuine policy debate for a change.

‘Impeachable whatever’: GOP floats impeaching Biden for ... something

Republicans have suggested impeaching the president on a few occasions now. The precise grounds for impeachment, though, aren't always clear.

Meadows texts reveal direct White House communications with pro-Trump operative behind plans to seize voting machines

As allies of then-President Donald Trump made a final push to overturn the election in late-December 2020, one of the key operatives behind the effort briefed then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows about his attempts to gain access to voting…

The Val Demings Gamble

Can the Florida congresswoman inherit Joe Biden’s Democratic Party?

And then the tomahawk came for the Atlanta Braves...

Poll: Texas Gov. Abbott's Lead Over O'Rourke Increases

Half — 50% — of likely voters in Texas back Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, while 42% support Democrat challenger Beto O'Rourke, according to a new Emerson College/The Hill poll.

Anything-and-Everything Socialism

Identity politics redirects radical energy away from the elites who promote it—a point illustrated by the 2022 Socialism Conference with rare clarity.

Misunderstanding Equality

If confusion between moral and empirical claims persists, we will find ourselves asked to choose between the truth and our ethical preferences.

John Roberts’s Long Game

Is this the end of the Voting Rights Act?

Abortion Could Define California’s Elections

The Supreme Court’s controversial Roe decision continues to reverberate across the country.

Are Political Winds Blowing in Republicans’ Favor Again?

There are some signs of a drift toward issues where the party has an advantage, like the economy and immigration.

Report: Inflation, Supply Chain Malaise Could Result in Beer, Candy Shortages

American's struggles with high inflation and supply-chain logistics could soon spill over to two of this nation's most popular consumer products - beer and candy.

US VP Harris to Meet With Japanese Chip Firms

Vice President Kamala Harris will meet on Wednesday in Japan with heads of semiconductor-related businesses as the Biden administration works to boost U.S. chips manufacturing, according to a senior administration official.

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