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U.S. Cricket World Cup Run Comes to an End

But the American team’s accomplishment was nonetheless remarkable.

Top Pundit Suggests Trump VP Choice That Could Make Difference

Leading conservative pundit and pollster Matt Towery has long voiced skepticism that a candidate's choice of vice-presidential running mate affects presidential election outcomes."I've never really believed vice presidents change elections," Tower…

Jamaal Bowman’s Profane, Antisemitic Pep Rally

The congressman is maliciously stupid and incapable of understanding cause and effect.

The Debates Are a Travesty: Here's How To Make Them Work

No, it's not your imagination: The presidential debates have been getting worse. So bad, in fact, that the candidates have refused to work with the Commission on Presidential Debates, which has presided over the events for sixty years, this year. …

Analysis: Ukraine hasn’t been a political liability for Republicans

Elections 2024 live updates: Biden, Democrats highlight anniversary of abortion decision

Live updates from the 2024 campaign trail, with the latest news on presidential candidates, polls, primaries and more.

Net Zero: The EU’s ‘Greenlash’

If climate policy is in any respects a culture war, the aggressors are the comfortable do-gooders, not those complaining of an assault on their living standards.

Bitter, expensive Bowman-Latimer primary highlights Democrats’ divisions

Snopes Suddenly Discovered that Biden and the MSM Have Been Lying About Trump for Years

Open the Door Wider for Refugees

I’m here today only because of the kindness of strangers who fought to open the door for those fleeing unthinkable circumstances. Others should have the same chance.

How Kyrsten Sinema's decision makes Democrats' 2024 Senate map tighter

Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema decided to shake up the political world on Friday by becoming an independent. The former Democrat is still caucusing with the party in the Senate, so the Democratic caucus still has 51 members. Now, instead of 49 Democr…

How Democrats are reminding voters of the Dobbs anniversary

NY Dem slams 'Squad' member's profanity-laced rant at rally with AOC: 'Unhinged'

Rep. Ritchie Torres said progressive "Squad" member Rep. Jamaal Bowman's "unhinged tirade" at a Bronx campaign rally is "unbecoming of a Member of Congress."

On losing abortion rights, Biden says Trump is ‘responsible for this nightmare’

Medical Journal Editorial Urges Lawfare against Oil Companies

If this tactic succeeds, it will be disastrous.

Fmr WH Physician: Drug Test Biden Before, After Debate

Rep. Ronny Jackson, R-Texas, a former White House physician during the administrations of Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump, said he would request that President Joe Biden's physician submit the president to a performance-e…

Margins of Error

Look closely at almost anything and you'll find data—lots of it. But what are those numbers really saying about who we are and what we believe? Harry Enten is on a mission to find out.

The notable legal clouds that continue to hang over Donald Trump

All eyes are on former President Donald Trump, who has launched another White House bid.

Snopes: Trump Never Called Neo-Nazis 'Very Fine People'

The claim that then-President Donald Trump called neo-Nazis and white supremacists who attended the 2017 "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, "very fine people" was rated "false" by left-leaning fact-checking website Snopes.

Republicans Love to Lie About Crime. Don't Believe Them

In Trumpworld, America is Gotham City and Donald Trump is Batman. The irony is that Trump is not Batman but the Joker, representing one of the biggest threats of violence and instability to the nation.

GOP senator says Biden better 'pray' for presidential immunity over border policies

Sen. Lindsey Graham told Fox News' Shannon Bream that President Biden should "pray" for presidential immunity over his border policies that Graham says have led to brutal crimes.

Conservative Group Probes Federal Workers Opposing Trump

From his home office in small-town Kentucky, a seasoned political operative is quietly investigating scores of federal employees suspected of being hostile to the policies of Republican Donald Trump, an effort that dovetails with broader conservat…

‘The Party of the Ultrarich and the Ultra-poor’

Democrat Seth Moulton says his colleagues have lost the middle.

Politics of the Day

Politics of the Day

Fareed speaks with economist and author of "The Longevity Imperative" Andrew Scott about the promises and challenges of our longer lifespans.

In This Debate, CNN Is the Decider

The prime-time matchup on Thursday between President Biden and former President Donald J. Trump represents an evening full of promise

Exasperated Dems Try To Quell Talk of Replacing Biden

Senate Democrats are feeling exasperated by their inability to stamp out persistent speculation that party leaders have a Plan B to replace President Biden atop the Democratic ticket due to concerns about his age and weak poll numbers.

2,000 Days of Detention: Paul Whelan Pleads for Biden Administration to Take Decisive Action

Sunday Smiles

Gov. Burgum Defends Calling Biden a Dictator

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum, who is reportedly on former President Donald Trump's vice president shortlist, maintained his position on Sunday that President Joe Biden is acting like a dictator.

Trump Dreams of a Swifter Death Penalty

In recent speeches, the former president has been praising China’s approach to criminal justice.

The fine print of the Respect for Marriage Act

Let's start with the positive: Republicans and Democrats are coming together to protect same-sex marriage from the Supreme Court.

What Obama Is Whispering to Biden

The presidents' plan to save their legacy from Trump.

The Axe Files with David Axelrod

Go beyond the soundbites and get to know some of the most interesting players in politics.

Biden Must Win the Debate. Thankfully, the Bar Is Low

Biden has a tough task ahead in this week's debate - but, thanks in part to rightwing attacks, the bar he faces is low

Gov. Noem Coy on Jan. 6 Pardons

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem dodged the question when asked if she agrees with former President Donald Trump that those who participated in the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol should be pardoned, saying that "each of those situations needs to…

Israel, Hamas, and Hezbollah

Updates on the military situation facing Israel, especially the possibility of all-out war with Hezbollah.

The Biden Campaign’s Losing Battle

Beating up on the media is Trumpian and ineffective.

Donald Trump’s Message to Milwaukee

“Milwaukee, where we are having our convention, is a horrible city,” the former president reportedly told congressional Republicans.

Jeffrey Sachs, the ‘Israel Lobby,’ and Iran

Sachs speaks regularly to Chinese and Qatari state media. It’s hardly a surprise that he’s adding the Tehran Times to his media circuit.

Planned Parenthood Making $40 Million Election Push on Abortion

Planned Parenthood will spend $40 million ahead of November's elections to bolster President Joe Biden and leading congressional Democrats, hoping that voters angry at Republican-led efforts to further restrict access to abortion can be the differ…

In This Debate, CNN Is the Decider

One network is in charge of every aspect of the Biden-Trump debate, a major shift from previous years. Tens of millions of viewers are expected to be watching.

Let’s Talk About Trump’s Gibberish

What the former president’s shark tirade says about American politics and media

J. D. Vance Makes His VP Pitch

The Millennial Republican senator knows exactly where his party is headed.

Meet the ‘double haters’ who could decide the election

John Fetterman's War

Is the Pennsylvania senator trolling the left or offering a way forward for Democrats?

Donald Trump, Immigration Expansionist

Trump’s ‘staple a green card to every diploma’ scheme would turn every university (and community college) into a citizenship-selling machine.

Snopes' debunking of Charlottesville hoax shows Biden lied, says Trump campaign

The Trump campaign says a recent Snopes fact check debunking claims President Trump said neo-Nazis are "very fine people" shows President Biden promoted a "lie."

In Defence of John Money

How did this famed sexologist become reviled at both ends of the culture-war horseshoe?

Biden admin accused of ‘brazen’ attempts to 'weaponize' unionization ahead of election

The Biden administration came under fire from PLUAC, and top Republicans in the labor union space, over allegations it is politicizing unionization ahead of the election.

The Cold War II Question

Are we ‘at risk of becoming the Soviet Union in our Cold War II with China’?

Donald Trump Said He Proposed a ‘Migrant League of Fighters’ to U.F.C. Chief Dana White

Mr. Trump said his suggestion to Dana White, who runs the Ultimate Fighting Championship, was not well received. But, he added, “It’s not the worst idea I’ve ever had.”

Seven Years Too Late: Snopes Admits Trump did not Call Neo-Nazis 'Very Fine People"

Climate: Policy Options Are Not ‘Settled’

Even if the science is ‘settled,’ the best policy response to it quite clearly is not.


On Trump and character and conservatism.

The Washington Post Does Not Want to Be Saved. Does It Deserve to Be?

When does Jeff Bezos just wash his hands of this whole mess?

Gov. Noem: I Wasn't Formally Vetted for Trump VP

Former President Donald Trump should pick a vice presidential candidate who "will help him win," South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem told NBC's "Meet the Press" on Sunday, adding that she has not been formally vetted as his running mate.

Fact-Checking Biden’s and Trump’s Claims About the Economy

We fact-checked claims about inflation, jobs and tax policy from both presidential candidates.

Nevada Democrats sue to keep RFK Jr., Green Party off November ballot

The Nevada Democratic Party is suing to keep both the Green Party and independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. off the November ballot.

President Biden’s campaign released an ad Monday highlighting Donald Trump’s criminal conviction and opposition to abortion...

The Most Dangerous Bias in Today’s America

It’s the one that stops people from hearing the good news.

6 Climate Protesters on 18th Green Disrupt PGA Tour Event

Six climate protesters stormed the 18th green while the leaders were lining up their putts for the final hole of regulation at the PGA Tour's Travelers Championship on Sunday, spraying smoke and powder and delaying the finish for about five minutes.

Young Trump superfan brought to tears while meeting former president

A young fan dressed as Donald Trump was in for the thrill of his life, being brought to tears while getting the opportunity to meet the former president.

The Logic in All the Madness

The Biden administration's agendas may have fundamentally changed the country for decades, if not longer-and will require tough remedies that may be almost as unpopular as the wreckage they wrought.

Fmr CIA Official Morell: Govt Lacks Terrorism Urgency

The government has a lack of urgency over the threat of a terrorist attack on the homeland and is leaving the American public in the dark about what it's doing to address the situation, former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell said Sunday.

Stefanik touts GOP momentum in blue stronghold, implications for Trump in 2024: 'Democrats have a NY problem'

House GOP Chair Elise Stefanik spoke with Fox News Digital the implications of Republican momentum in New York for former President Trump in 2024.

Sunday Reflection: 'Why Are You Terrified?'

Austin taps top State Department adviser as Pentagon chief of staff

Derek Chollet, an aide to Secretary of State Antony Blinken, was nominated to be the Defense Department’s top policy official, but ran into Republican concerns over his confirmation.

Pro-Trump extremists are sure he will win. That could be dangerous.

Texas AG Paxton: Biden Always Wanted Noncitizens Voting

President Joe Biden's plan is to let as many illegal migrants into the country as possible in order to vote, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, a Republican, said Sunday.

Hey Siri, Stop Studying Me

It will be difficult to discern what is a consequence of our own data collection, and what is a consequence of Apple’s programming over it.

Trump spreads violent rhetoric by suggesting migrants should fight for sport

Everything you need to know about Biden's student loan forgiveness program

President Joe Biden's federal student loan forgiveness program, which promises to deliver up to $20,000 of debt relief for millions of borrowers, is on hold indefinitely as legal challenges work their way through the courts.

Trump is still courting coal workers. This county shows why it matters.

Trump Suggests Biden May Use Supplements to Get ‘Jacked Up’ for Debate

The former president has mocked his rival’s mental capacities, but at a rally in Philadelphia, his baseless accusation seemed to set the stage for a more formidable opponent.

CNN Political Briefing

The political news you need to know, in 10 minutes or less. Hosted by David Chalian.

For Biden and Trump, a Debate Rematch With Even Greater Risks and Rewards

The matchup on Thursday will be the earliest presidential debate in American history, and any potential missteps could linger for weeks or months.

Teamsters President Accepts Trump's Invitation to Speak to Republican Convention

The Road to Neo-Feudalism

Western societies stand on the brink of a great reversion towards a demographically and economically stagnant society reminiscent of the Dark Ages.

The Overlooked (But Real) Possibility of a Big Democratic Win

Both moderates and progressives are pushing the Biden campaign to get more ambitious.

Martina Navratilova Flames Reporter after “Take Back Title IX” Tour Bus is Vandalized

The Quincy Institute’s Middle East Fantasies

The positions adopted by the think tank’s scholars during the war in Gaza are illustrative of its overall Middle East agenda: appease Iran and demonise Israel.

DePape Found Guilty in Pelosi Attack

Podcast #239: Justin Trudeau’s Ominous Online Harms Act: ‘Minority Report’ Comes to Canada

Jonathan Kay talks to Atlantic Magazine staff writer Conor Friedersdorf about a censorious government bill that would allow officials to investigate Canadians for things they haven’t done yet.

After October 7 with Pamela Paresky

Pamela Paresky interviews Israeli intellectuals, politicians, servicemen, and others in the wake of Hamas's October 7 attacks on Israel.

CNN's Jake Tapper at Center of Defamation Lawsuit

The lawsuit and CNN's defense -- that it produced opinion, not factual news -- may add fuel to the critics of the network which has long faced accusations of bias.

A Times Reporter on His Father’s Years in Mao’s Army in China

For nearly a decade, I worked in China as a Times correspondent and bureau chief. But it wasn’t until researching for a book that I uncovered the full story of my father’s role in Communist rule.

The 1970s Movie That Explains 2020s America

Chinatown, released 50 years ago today, shone a bleak light on the machinations of money and power—a theme that still animates U.S. politics.

Anna Paulina Luna to force vote on Garland's arrest this week after DOJ refuses criminal referral

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna is looking to force a vote on her resolution to have a House-wide trial and arrest of Attorney General Merrick Garland.

In Defence of Manifest 2024

The Guardian’s reporting on a gathering of heterodox thinkers is truly lamentable journalism.

They're Making a List and Checking it Twice

The Choice

Should Jewish students accept the mantle of a marginalised group or reject DEI ideology altogether?

Joe Biden's Decline Is Not a Republican Conspiracy

The idea of the 'cheap fake' isn't new, yet its usage was fairly rare until it became the go-to term in recent days to excuse Joe Biden's blunders.

Migrant Medicaid costs cut in half in Florida following DeSantis' policy change: report

Medicaid payments for illegal immigrants are down 54% in Florida after Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a new law requiring hospitals to inquire about a patient's immigration status.

Biden official says past social media posts don’t reflect ‘current views,’ vows to support admin ‘agenda’

A White House official who was promoted to association communications director last week is now downplaying some of his controversial social media posts.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul tells CNN's Kaitlan Collins that women will choose between "chaos" and "a stable democracy" in the 2024 presidential election.

Poll: Nearly Half of US EV Owners Regret Purchase

Trump Rants About Sharks, and Everyone Just Pretends It’s Normal

Par for the course. Trump is Trump. But imagine the response if Joe Biden had said it.

Stop Decriminalising Crime

When a gap opens between what the law punishes and what society believes should be punished, people lose respect for the law and are more likely to violate it. 

Exclusive: Trump takes debate prep to campaign trail, calls it a winning strategy

Former President Trump expressed confidence in his debate prep strategy, dismissing the notion that President Biden could pose a threat onstage in a Fox News interview.

Clippers Cut a Wide Swath Making Political Campaign Videos Go Viral

Despite criticism that the most-watched moments omit crucial context, candidates are tapping into the practice — and watching their words.

On Dobbs Anniversary, Democrats Look to Make the Court a Campaign Issue

An outside group supporting President Biden is embarking on a million-dollar campaign to focus voters’ attention on the makeup of the Supreme Court.

Analysis: Let’s see if a debate can change the trajectory of voter sentiment

Crime But No Punishment in DA George Gascon's Los Angeles

Colorado Dems Push GOP Candidate in Primary

Colorado Democrats are elevating the profile of a Republican candidate running for the state's 3rd Congressional District ahead of the primary on Tuesday.

Democrats Lean on Abortion Rights Message for Anniversary of End of Roe

Across the country this week, Democrats are focusing on abortion issues and emphasizing Donald Trump’s role in nominating the justices who helped overturn Roe v. Wade.

Journalists Shouldn’t Depend on the State for Their Wages

More than a third of many Canadian journalists’ salaries are now effectively being paid by Justin Trudeau’s government—an arrangement that’s created an obvious conflict of interest.

Rebalancing the Gender Narrative with Dr Warren Farrell: Quillette Cetera Episode 35

The couples therapist and men's rights activist discusses his new book and the current landscape of gender discourse.

Editor Drama at WaPo Exposes Liberal Rot in Its Newsroom

Morale is plummeting in the viper's nest that passes for the Washington Post newsroom.

MAGA, the Next Generation

Trump’s political movement introduces the youngest voters to its kind of camaraderie.

Recent High School Grads: Tell Us Why You Decided to Go to College or Not

Students across America are asking whether college is worth it. We want to know why you decided that it was — or wasn’t — a good choice to attend.

Trump's legal team back in court in Florida classified documents case

Former President Trump's legal team is arguing in court on Monday against the legality of Special Counsel Smith's appointment as well as a gag order against him.

Potential VP pick Gov. Doug Burgum repeatedly declines to make the case for why he should be Trump's running mate, telling CNN's Kaitlan Collins "that's up to President Trump."

Meet the woman steering Biden's bipartisan winning streak on Capitol Hill

The Biden administration managed to rack up a long list of major legislative wins in its first two years despite facing one of the most closely-divided Congresses in history. From bipartisan action on infrastructure, gun safety and same-sex marria…

Will Supreme Court Blow Up the Presidential Debate?

On the many explosive cases to be decided this week.

Abortion Debate Shifts as Election Nears: ‘Now It’s About Pregnancy’

Two years after Roe was struck down, the conversation has focused on the complications that can come with pregnancy and fertility, helping to drive more support for abortion rights.

Recycling Plastic Is a Dangerous Waste of Time

The recycling industry—and the world at large—has yet to fully reckon with a bombshell study that dropped last year.

Anchoring Conservative Principles

And turning away from populism and nationalism.

DHS Doc: Trump Supporters, Military, Religious People Most Likely Terrorists

Michael Flynn Has Turned His Trump-World Celebrity Into a Family Business

The former national security adviser took over a nonprofit group. Soon, it was paying five of his relatives and trafficking in conspiracy theories.