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Reality is a social construct. Today we have two divergent, almost contradictory realities in America, and the country is roughly evenly split between them.

This is because we tend to get trapped in a filter bubble where we simply don't see the news that the other half is focused on. We consume our news only from partisan outlets that echo and re-affirm our worldview.

The result is that each half of the population believes that the other half is crazy/stupid/intolerant. This is unhealthy, even dangerous.

This site is an attempt to intermingle daily news stories from both sides of the aisle so you can see what the other half of the country is seeing.

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Today's Headlines

The Canadian Culture of Death Brooks No Dissent

Mere legalization of euthanasia is never enough.

Strange New Sci Fi

If truth is the first casualty of war, then perhaps good fiction is the first tragedy of culture war.

Sweden calls up the army to help deal with gang violence

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warns of economic perils of government shutdown

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said Friday that a government shutdown could have negative effects on various programs for small businesses and children.

Pennsylvania Gov. Shapiro noncommittal on future of carbon pricing plan

Democratic Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro on Friday remained mum on the potential enforcement of a policy that would cap carbon emissions and charge manufacturers money based thereon.

Landmark Texas, Florida social media cases added to Supreme Court term

The Supreme Court on Friday said it would wade into the future of free speech online, examining laws passed in Florida and Texas.

Live updates: House fails to pass short-term funding bill as shutdown looms

Congress is racing against the clock to avoid a federal government shutdown ahead of an Oct. 1 deadline.

Whitaker to Newsmax: Inquiry 'About Connecting the Dots'

Matthew Whitaker, former acting attorney general in the Trump administration, told Newsmax on Friday that the House impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden and his family's business dealings "is about connecting the dots."

House GOP Seeks to Ensure Border Agents Paid If Shutdown Occurs

Bracing for a likely government shutdown on Sunday, House Republicans are seeking to ensure that Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents are paid in the event a shutdown occurs...

‘Every Time I Hear You, I Feel a Little Bit Dumber’

The second GOP primary debate made Trump’s 2024 advantage clearer than ever.

The Patriot

How General Mark Milley protected the Constitution from Donald Trump

The Pro-life Movement Is Fuming at Donald Trump

Should he care? Its supporters will vote for him anyway.

Politics of the Day

Politics of the Day

Margins of Error

Look closely at almost anything and you'll find data—lots of it. But what are those numbers really saying about who we are and what we believe? Harry Enten is on a mission to find out.

Biden and Trump Woo the UAW in Michigan

A study of U.S. manufacturing decline shows the risks of too-costly union contracts.

Report: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Plans to Run as an Independent

Remember back in June, when some nut claimed it made more sense for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to run as an independent than as a Democrat?

Dianne Feinstein, 90, Dies; Oldest Sitting Senator and Fixture of California Politics

She achieved remarkable political breakthroughs as a woman, becoming San Francisco’s first female mayor and the first woman elected to the Senate from California.

The Communication Revolution

Like the first iPhone, Gutenberg’s Bible opened up avenues of development that entrepreneurs have been exploiting ever since.

Price of Shoplifting Is Getting Dangerously High

Retailers placing goods on open display is an everyday miracle that could turn into a perk of the privileged

The notable legal clouds that continue to hang over Donald Trump

All eyes are on former President Donald Trump, who has launched another White House bid.

How to Reform Section 702---and How Not To

Our Democratic colleagues propose requiring court approval to examine data on a U.S. person. That would end up diminishing, not protecting, privacy.

Wallet, Keys, Cellphone... Narcan?

New York City tells citizens to get equipped with overdose medication.

Champlain Gives It Another Go

In the twelfth instalment of an ongoing Quillette series on the history of Canada, Greg Koabel describes France’s halting efforts to create a permanent Canadian settlement in the early 1600s.

Giving Donald Trump a Pass at the GOP Debate

The other Republican presidential candidates largely left the front-runner off the hook.

Civil Rights and Wrongs

Hanania’s new book is a welcome entry to the conversation about wokeness, but his power-based perspective is incomplete.

With a Shutdown in View, McCarthy Plays a Weak Hand

The G.O.P. speaker, whose style is to placate his detractors, did not have the Republican votes to keep the government open. He called the vote anyway.

The $20 per hour burger flipper

Meet the woman steering Biden's bipartisan winning streak on Capitol Hill

The Biden administration managed to rack up a long list of major legislative wins in its first two years despite facing one of the most closely-divided Congresses in history. From bipartisan action on infrastructure, gun safety and same-sex marria…

Trump’s latest undemocratic move: Calling to end debates

The former president is the clear front-runner, but three-quarters of GOP voters say they’re at least considering voting for someone else.

Shutdown, here we come?

AI writes op-ed opposing AI

How Trump Is Complicating McCarthy’s Attempts to Avoid a Shutdown

The former president has been publicly pushing a shutdown, but his views are shaped by his own handling of the 2018 shutdown.

Oprah Mentioned to Replace Feinstein

At least four names have been floated regarding a possible appointment to fill the remaining term of the late Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif. The New York Times reported Friday that Democrat California Gov. Gavin Newsom will select someone to fill…

How Every Representative Voted on McCarthy’s Stopgap Funding Bill

Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s long-shot attempt to avert a government shutdown failed, with opposition coming both from House Democrats and from hard-right members of his own party.

Elon: "The reality is this is an open border for all of Earth"

Biden admin 'deliberately' trying to make looming government shutdown 'as painful as possible': GOP senator

Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., is criticizing a decision by the National Parks Service which announced it will close a majority of its parks in the event of a shutdown.

Who could replace Dianne Feinstein in the Senate?

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) has set two key parameters for his appointment. Here’s who could fit them.

In an Age of Scams, Self-Help Falls Short

An individualistic focus only goes so far in preventing scams and frauds.

What We Learned at GOP's 1st Biden 'Impeachment Hearing'

This was not an auspicious start for the House Republicans' attempt to show that Joe Biden needs to be removed from office.

How Gen. Charles Brown Became Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

The four-star Air Force fighter pilot took over from Gen. Mark A. Milley as the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Expert: 'Terrifying' If China Used TikTok Data Against US

The possibility of China's Communist government using the treasure trove of data gathered from the Chinese-owned app TikTok against the United States in a world conflict is "absolutely terrifying," a witness told a Senate committee Wednesday. Sen.…

0% intro APR until 2024 is 100% insane

Anti-Trump GOP groups start waving white flag. This memo shows why.

The memo from a key group that ran millions of dollars in ads opposing Trump suggests very little works. Other groups’ actions suggest they agree.

Tolstoy vs. Trump in 2024

GOP candidates need to tend to the needs of their family-the party's voting base.

Marriott Cancels Andy Ngo's Event After Antifa Threats

Those who criticize Antifa, in their millions, should deny Marriott their business.

CNN Political Briefing

The political news you need to know, in 10 minutes or less. Hosted by David Chalian.

Old Model, New Tricks

On the 85th anniversary of his death, a look back at the legacy of Nikolai Kondratiev and its implications for the coming age of GenAI.

Damning Wire Transfer Revelations Contradict Biden

By now you're likely aware that Hunter Biden listed his father's Delaware home as the 'beneficiary address' in the process of receiving two wire transfers, totally more than $250,000, from Beijing in 2019.

What the Writers Won

The Guild's agreement attempts to restore the elements of the traditional system that made entertainment writing sustainable. It mostly succeeds, with one caveat.

So Much for Biden the Bridge President

He ran as a short-term fix but has become a long-term proposition.

How We Got ‘Democracy Dies in Darkness’

And other stories from eight years running The Washington Post

The Open Plot to Dismantle the Federal Government

“I can’t overstate my level of concern about the damage this would do.”

Canadian Parents (Finally) Push Back Against Gender Cultism

Many of us are simply tired of living in a society that gaslights citizens with officially sanctioned lies like ‘trans women are women‘

Joe Biden Never Sets Partisanship Aside

If you hold your breath waiting for him to propose anything that isn’t orthodox Democratic Party thinking, you won’t live very long.

Unesco Writes Jews Out of Ancient Jericho

The Palestinians have literally paved over this important historic site.

Male or Female: There's Nothing In Between

Since the dawn of our species, the evolution of two distinct sexes has been fundamental to human reproduction. There is no such thing as a ‘sex spectrum.’

Who could replace Dianne Feinstein in the Senate?

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) has set two key parameters for his appointment. Here’s who could fit them.

Feinstein's Death Could Slow Senate Judicial Confirmations

Sen. Dianne Feinstein's seat on the powerful Judiciary Committee is now empty in the wake of her death and, if left unfilled, could slow the confirmation of many of President Joe Biden's judicial nominees...

Europe Learns Its Electric Cars Will Be Made in China

The EU can’t afford the subsidies that the U.S. can, and it has more free-market scruples.

Biden admin hammered by Dems, GOP alike after latest crackdown on oil production

The Biden administration's plan to hold just three offshore oil and gas lease through 2029 was blasted by Republicans, Democrats, environmentalists and the fossil fuel industry.

McCarthy's Plan to Keep Govt Open Collapses; Shutdown Almost Certain

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy's last-ditch plan to keep the federal government temporarily open collapsed in dramatic fashion Friday as GOP holdouts rejected the package, making a shutdown almost certain.The most conservative party members refused …

Supreme Court to Weigh State Laws Aimed at Social Media 'Censorship'

The Supreme Court on Friday agreed to decide the legality of Republican-backed state laws in Texas and Florida that constrain the ability of social media companies to curb content on their platforms that these businesses deem objectionable.The jus…

Former WI Supreme Court justice refuses to name those involved in Protasiewicz impeachment push

Former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser on Friday refused to disclose the names of peers examining the potential impeachment of Justice Janet Protasiewicz.

The fine print of the Respect for Marriage Act

Let's start with the positive: Republicans and Democrats are coming together to protect same-sex marriage from the Supreme Court.

Whoever Wins in 2024 Faces a Fiscal Perfect Storm

And we’ll need a sober, competent, fiscally conservative administration to get the country through this potential disaster.

‘Augie March’ Turns 70

An Interview with Saul Bellow’s biographer Zachary Leader.

Will RFK Jr. Play the Spoiler for Trump?

Kennedy’s bid seems less a threat to Biden than another obstacle in Trump’s path back to the White House.

DeSantis Keeps Dodging on Ukraine

His trimming looks weak next to Nikki Haley’s conviction on the GOP debate stage.

Becalmed and bedeviled: Ørsted "delays" NJ offshore windfarm to 2026

CCP-linked businessman offered to wire Hunter Biden tens of thousands of dollars to cover expenses: Texts

A top former aide to Vice President Biden revealed to Hunter Biden that his CCP-linked business partner was willing to wire money to help him pay off several bills, according to WhatsApp messages.

A Silver Lining From the Pandemic: A Surge in Start-ups

New research suggests that big shifts in consumer and company behavior — and maybe federal stimulus dollars — have fueled entrepreneurship.

Shutdown: Some States Will Pay to Keep Parks Open

Arizona and Utah will keep iconic national parks in those states open if a shutdown of the federal government threatens access to Arizona's orange-striped Grand Canyon and the sheer red cliffs of Utah's Zion Valley.M

Trump Loyalist in Georgia Is Suspended by His Republican Caucus

Colton Moore, a state senator, had pressured his G.O.P. colleagues to support his effort to investigate the district attorney prosecuting Donald J. Trump.

House Dem Leader Jeffries floats end-run around McCarthy to avert government shutdown

House Democratic Leader Jeffries did not rule out making an end-run around Speaker McCarthy to avert a government shutdown.

UAW expands strike against Big Three again

Biden's Trend Line Points Downward

Voters don’t miss Trump, but they miss 2019, and they worry about crime, immigration and inflation.

Girl Scout Cookie Prices Soar

The price of Girl Scout cookies in some areas are increasing because of inflation. The Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson (GSHH) in New York emailed troop parents and other community members to say that all cookies will be sold for $6 per box this co…

San Francisco Mayor Could Replace Sen. Feinstein

It's expected that California Gov. Gavin Newsom will name a successor in no more than a week for Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who died Friday.

Anti-Trump GOP groups start waving white flag. This memo shows why.

The memo from a key group that ran millions of dollars in ads opposing Trump suggests very little works. Other groups’ actions suggest they agree.

Nixon Between the Lines

Alone in his study, ballpoint pen in hand, the president revealed himself in the margins of his books.

How each member voted on House stopgap bill with shutdown on horizon

The Washington Post recorded how Republicans and Democrats voted on a short-term government funding bill.

The ratings are in for the RNC debate - most watched program on cable tv Wednesday

Where Does ‘Wokeness’ Come From?

Opponents of wokeness sometimes say that “facts don’t care about your feelings.” But the federal judiciary does.

House votes down GOP short-term spending bill with shutdown on horizon

Speaker Kevin McCarthy has been focused on passing long-term spending bills, hoping it will shake loose some support for a short-term plan to avert a government shutdown.

Key G.O.P. Megadonor Network Will Hear Pitches From DeSantis and Haley Camps

The network, the American Opportunity Alliance, will meet in Dallas, as its biggest donors weigh whether investing in any non-Trump candidate remains a worthwhile investment.

The Presidential Primary System Needs to Go

If the restoration of nominating conventions leads to parties selecting candidates who aren’t despised by a majority of voters, it will strengthen democracy.

Senate GOP floats border security amendment in funding bill negotiations, but some say it's too weak

Republicans senators are clashing over adding border security provisions in the Continuing Resolution (CR) to fund the government.

Tolstoy vs. Trump in 2024

GOP candidates need to tend to the needs of their family—the party’s voting base.

Georgia Republican lights up Dems, GOP 'Chaos Caucus' during House floor funding bill debate

Georgia Republican Rep. Austin Scott tore into the “Chaos Caucus" of the House GOP that are holding up the stopgap funding CR that would avoid a government shutdown.

Some 'Little Free Libraries' now come with disclaimers as Iowa cracks down on explicit books in schools

Iowa's restrictions on sexually explicit reading material have led some "Little Free Libraries" to post disclaimers noting that they aren't funded by school districts.

Could a Third Party Save America?

Voters deserve far better than the decrepit Democrats and Republicans.

Who Will Replace Dianne Feinstein in Her California Senate Seat?

Gov. Gavin Newsom has pledged to pick a Black woman to fill the seat, but has also said he would not choose any of the current Democrats running for Senate.

A Final Chapter Unbefitting an Extraordinary Legacy

One lesson of Dianne Feinstein’s career: Stay in your job too long, and you risk losing control of the finale.

The Axe Files with David Axelrod

Go beyond the soundbites and get to know some of the most interesting players in politics.

Africa Needs Accountable Leaders, Not Reparations

Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo ignores that the slave trade had willing agents on both sides.

It’s Not That Dianne Feinstein Was a ‘Conservative’ — She Just Wasn’t a Radical

As her partisan colleagues grew ever more revolutionary, they came to regard her staid attachment to standards as retrograde.

Cope springs eternal: The anti-Trump right grabs at Glenn Youngkin

Eight years later, we’re still doing this?

Everything you need to know about Biden's student loan forgiveness program

President Joe Biden's federal student loan forgiveness program, which promises to deliver up to $20,000 of debt relief for millions of borrowers, is on hold indefinitely as legal challenges work their way through the courts.

Supreme Court to Hear Challenges to State Laws on Social Media

The tech industry argues that laws in Florida and Texas, prompted by conservative complaints about censorship by tech platforms, violate the First Amendment.

Why Republicans Can’t Keep the Government Open

As a shutdown looms, the House GOP is bickering over legislation that doesn’t even matter.

Joe Biden’s Mental Decay Is Not Just Obvious, It’s Accelerating

The president is simply withering away before our eyes, as though he drank from the wrong grail at the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Truth and Science: A Nobel Laureate's Advice to Students

Dr. John Clauser is an experimental physicist of the highest order.His 2022 Nobel Prize in physics is enough to make him one of the preeminent scientists of our times. His work confirmed the existenc

MBD: Sorry, This Thing’s Not Done Yet

Is Trump really as invulnerable as he appears?

Feel-Good Friday: The Toby Keith is an icon edition

Biden Lets Venezuelan Migrants Work

The administration had been hesitant to pursue this approach.

Dark Brandon hits "MAGA Republican extremists" as determined to destroy democracy

‘Intelligence Matter’: TikTok Parent Company Blacklists China’s Opponents, State Department Reveals

Prior to this report, Biden’s State Department had not addressed the app’s ties to the Chinese government.

The Republican Debates Are Only Helping Trump

A split field and a very MAGA primary electorate have vindicated Trump's decision not to participate.

How Kyrsten Sinema's decision makes Democrats' 2024 Senate map tighter

Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema decided to shake up the political world on Friday by becoming an independent. The former Democrat is still caucusing with the party in the Senate, so the Democratic caucus still has 51 members. Now, instead of 49 Democr…